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Atlanta Artist's Paintings Celebrate The Jazz Experience

As a painter, Corey Barksdale explores the artistic landscape inspired by the music of jazz greats like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. The result is a stunning collection of paintings that celebrate the jazz experience./24-7PressRelease/ - ATLANTA, GA, June 15, 2006 -- As a painter, Corey Barksdale's work is continually inspired by jazz. "It frees me to do what I feel when I'm painting," Barksdale says. When he's in the studio creating, he often listens to jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

The result is a stunning collection of more than 30 paintings that celebrate the jazz experience. "Coltrane is at the top of my list when it comes to jazz musicians," says Barksdale. A Coltrane recording he particularly enjoys is Africa. "Coltrane is improvisational in the piece, but he has structure in his sound. I like the freedom that he has when he's playing Africa. It's rhythmic and free."Barksdale admires Miles Davis with equal measure for his rawness. "Davis was into experimenting and trying different things with his sound. He was a catalyst for other musicians and he was a pioneer in his time, all without commercializing the music."So what is it about jazz that inspires Barksdale's creativity as a painter? "I love the improvisation of jazz musicians from the '50s and '60s. There was a lot of experimentation going on. In much the same way, I want to create something totally new with my paintings each time - to be different in the way I portray certain subjects."

Barksdale clearly appreciates traditional jazz artists - the Jazz Crusaders and Sonny Rollins included - but he also gets a certain amount of inspiration from legendary contemporaries like Joe Sample and David Sanborn. Of all his paintings, his personal favorite is one he's entitled Jazz Reflections. "The painting is of six guys playing various horn instruments, a bass and piano. It's one of my favorites because it gives off the vibe of what it's like being in a jazz club," explains Barksdale, an Atlanta College of Art graduate. Many of Barksdale's oil paintings are an infusion of vivid colors tinged with earth tones. His choice colors, a sky blue and a rich orange - almost like Georgia clay with a hint of brown - are used with bold strokes throughout his collection."Ultimately, I want individuals to feel what I felt at the time I produced a piece. And whatever the scene happens to be in a painting, I want them to look beyond that and find other things in the painting they can relate to. It's my attempt to connect on a more personal level."To learn more about Corey Barksdale visit

About Corey BarksdaleBarksdale ( earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Atlanta College of Art in 1994. During this period he was heavily influenced by the abstract expressionists and admired such mainstream artists as Jasper Johns, Clifford Still, William deKooning. The African-American masters Aaron Douglas, John Biggers, Romere Bearden, and William Tolliver instilled in him an appreciation of African-American artistic heritage. Barksdale's fine art subject matter ranges from human figures to non-objective abstracts. In recent years, he has concentrated his talents on themes that portray the love and strength that exists within the African-American community. His paintings grace the covers of books, magazines, CD covers, and posters. Among his convictions, is to give back to his community through art education.

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Atlanta Art: An Introduction / Academia

SCAD-Atlanta Staff Members Enjoy Community Education Program

Among the more than 250 students enrolled in the Atlanta College of Art Community Education Program at SCAD-Atlanta is a talented and enthusiastic group of SCAD-Atlanta staff members. The program, which offers more than 50 studio art classes, workshops and gallery crawls each quarter, particularly appeals to the college’s staff, almost half of whom have backgrounds in the fine and performing arts.According to many SCAD-Atlanta staff members, their passion for the arts was a key factor in their decision to join the SCAD team. Painters and poets, illustrators and graphic designers, art historians and graduates of programs in apparel design and fashion merchandising fill the ranks of SCAD-Atlanta’s staff, as do pianists, a cellist, a violinist, an opera singer, a lead guitarist in a band and a self-proclaimed Elvis impersonator. The ACA Community Education Program of SCAD provides them with the opportunity to explore new ways of developing their artistic interests.

Sojourner Marable Grimmett, assistant director of recruitment for SCAD-Atlanta, is participating in the Atlanta College of Art Community Education Program at the SCAD-Atlanta.Sojourner Marable Grimmett, assistant director of recruitment for SCAD-Atlanta, said the program has allowed her to incorporate her poetry into collages that depict her personal and cultural histories."I've always been inspired by artists such as Benny Andrews, Kara Walker and Romare Bearden, so I decided to give the collage/assemblage class a shot," said Grimmett. "My instructor, Joy Patty, is a wonderful and inspirational teacher. Being in her class has encouraged me to continue writing poetry and incorporate my poems into my collages. This experience also has sparked me to move forward with my writing and, ultimately, to become published."According to SCAD-Atlanta admission review manager Lara Berry, the program provides a way to submerse herself in a learning environment. She started her color theory course without much knowledge of the topic and is emerging with a body of information and a new outlook on color."I wanted the opportunity to grow more artistically and creatively as it relates to color," said Berry. "After seeing the projects my husband [David Berry, B.F.A., animation, 2005] did in his color theory class at SCAD, I wanted to learn more about it, so I enrolled in the color theory workshop."The opportunity to pursue a personal interest also appealed to Diana Gamzon, coordinator of events and conferencing."I really appreciate the fact that SCAD encourages us to explore our personal interests and gain new skills, and the art therapy class I’m taking now is also a great stress reliever," she said.Hlee Vang, assistant to the vice president for SCAD-Atlanta, and Jenny Wang, catalog librarian, also had compelling reasons for enrolling in the program.

Vang, who is participating in the advertising copywriting course, said it allows her to continue her quest to be a lifelong learner, meet new people and have fun doing something that piques her interest."I think it's a great way for us to further our professional development, and it's free!" said Wang, who decided to take a digital photography class after purchasing her first digital camera.

The non-credit, open enrollment program is offered on a complimentary basis to faculty, staff and degree-program students. Classes usually are held for three hours once a week, with workshops and gallery crawls scheduled on Saturday mornings or afternoons. Most classes are held in the evenings and on weekends, so staff members reported the program is not only conveniently located at the SCAD-Atlanta facility, but also fits neatly into their work schedules. Classes are offered in an array of artistic disciplines and at all skill levels.

Adult classes provide instruction in drawing and painting in a variety of media, including sculpture, glass blowing, interior design, furniture design, woodworking, creative writing, calligraphy, medical illustration, fashion design, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator CS. Saturday classes for teens include art appreciation, drawing, painting and other studio art disciplines, fashion design and portfolio development. These courses are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of budding artists, many of whom have their sights set on attending an art college.Registration for winter quarter begins Dec. 4, with classes starting the week of Jan. 8, 2007, and running for 10 consecutive weeks. Holiday gift certificates also are available. To request a catalog, purchase a gift certificate or learn more about the ACA Community Education Program of SCAD, e-mail or call 404.253.6814.